New Sitecore Certification Exam Pattern Introduced

Certification always brings a lot of advantages to a developer especially in the case of Sitecore Certification. It provides access to download Sitecore software, also you will get access to Sitecore Support, where you can raise tickets directly to Sitecore. Recently Sitecore has changed the exam questionnaire, also changed its name to Sitecore Experience Solution […]

Show [shared] field label to non-Admin users in Sitecore

If any field set as [shared] or [unversioned] and sharing label is not visible to content editor or any other non-Admin user then follow the mentioned steps. It is tested in Sitecore 9.2. It seems Sitecore hides the Shared label by default for non-Admin users. Just change the value of the following setting to true: […]

Sitecore Data Exchange Framework an excellent tool?

Thinking about data migration from/to Sitecore, then why don’t you give a chance to Sitecore Data Exchange Framework which can reduce your task to greater lengths. First and most important we have to understand what is Sitecore DEF and how it works? Data Exchange Framework (DEF) is a module designed by Sitecore to transfer/migrate data […]