Show [shared] field label to non-Admin users in Sitecore

If any field set as [shared] or [unversioned] and sharing label is not visible to content editor or any other non-Admin user then follow the mentioned steps. It is tested in Sitecore 9.2.

sitecore shared field
In the <settings> section, add the following setting:
      Determines whether or not the Content Editor displays field sharing labels ([shared] and 
      [unversioned]) to users that are not Sitecore administrators.
      Default value: false
<setting name="ContentEditor.ShowFieldSharingLabels" value="false"/>

It seems Sitecore hides the Shared label by default for non-Admin users. Just change the value of the following setting to true:

<setting name="ContentEditor.ShowFieldSharingLabels" value="true"/>

If you have any thoughts on this, please drop a comment.

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